Terrence McKenna’s Timewave Zero/2012 Theory

Timewave Zero

Terence McKenna (who died April 2000) was a professional mushroom researcher, among other things, and in the course of his long firsthand study he experienced a visionary inspiration for a fascinating piece of software called Timewave Zero. I first read of it in his book The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFO’s, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History. Quite a mouthful, that: but when you’ve done as many mushrooms as Terence… Anyway, the official introduction to the original program from Dolphin Software (by Peter Meyer) describes it best:

This software illustrates Terence McKenna’s theory of time, history and the end of history as first described in the book The Invisible Landscape by him and his brother Dennis, and more recently in his The Archaic Revival (HarperSanFrancisco, 1992). The theory of Timewave Zero was revealed to Terence by an alien intelligence following a bizarre, quasi-psychedelic experiment conducted in the Amazon jungle in Colombia in 1971. Inspired by this influence Terence was instructed in certain transformation of numbers derived from the King Wen sequence of I Ching hexagrams. This led eventually to a rigorous mathematical description of what Terence calls the timewave, which correlates time and history with the ebb and flow of novelty, which is intrinsic to the structure of time and hence of the temporal universe. A peculiarity of this correlation is that at a certain point a singularity is reached which is the end of history - or at least is a transition to a suprahistorical order in which our ordinary conceptions of our world will be radically transformed. The best current estimate for the date of this point is December 21, 2012 CE [common era], the winter solstice of that year and also the end of the current era in the Mayan calendar.

32,438 BC to Zero Date:

The 4 images below show a zoomed-in perspective of the above wave image. Each subsequent image is a closer look at the end of the preceding image:

15,213 BC to Zero Date:

6600 BC to Zero Date:

2294 BC to Zero Date:

141 BC to Zero Date:

Now let’s zoom in to the very last portion of the above image - what we see is our current period of time according to the Timewave program. You’ll notice this image below looks pretty much exactly like the first image, but shows a drastically reduced length of time. This is a graphic representation of the fractal nature of time in which the same cycles repeat in shorter and shorter periods until an infinitely small moment in time is reached in Dec. 2012.

2008 - 2012 (the creation of this thread has been marked on the timeline to give you some sense of where the ‘Present’ is currently located):

Let’s take an even closer look at each year remaining on the graph:


*2010, 2011, and 2012 all have huge peaks and are scheduled to be more ‘eventful’ than in all preceding human history combined:




The timewave graph ends at the point marked with a red dot. The graph ends, however the cycle does not. It proceeds to get infinitely small and divide up smaller and smaller portions of time until a moment comprised of all moments is reached. Where we go from there is uncertain.

As stated, we repeat the same cycles of time over and over crammed into smaller amounts of time. We experience ‘bumps’ along the way as events, and the series of bumps repeats - the bumps are the same, it’s how we approach them and deal with them that changes each time around. (To get an idea of these bumps, imagine scratching a line in an old record from the center to the outer edge. Then play it - every time the needle - The Present - passes over the bump, it affects our experience of the song as a repeated glitch which carries over from song to song).

Currently we’re repeating the ‘bumps’ of 1788.

Previous version of Now


The circled area in the 1700’s image marks the beginning of the French Revolution which lasted 10 years. The circled area we’re now approaching (June 23-29) represents our re-visiting of that time window in the cycle. The upcoming version will last about 2 months. Given that we are now a global community, this ‘revolutionary’ theme will likely affect us all, and can manifest anywhere that is capable of being the global conduit of that theme. Iran is one example.

There are more charts after this obviously this is just until 2009, just thought I’d post this much info if anyone was interested in the TW Zero theories.

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